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Good prices to pay for Viagra/Kamagra/Sidegra


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I've tried Viagra and Cialis. I'm in my 50's and not taking any other med. When i first tried Viagra, i took the whole pill and it was a big mistake. Don't get me wrong, it worked great. Had a boner harder then steel and lasted a long time and could get 3 or 4 shots off without a problem. However, the headache started to set in about 3 hrs or so after taking the pill and the headache got worse after each passing hour. Had to take Excedrin a couple of times to remain sane. Once the headache sets in, the only thing i thought of banging was my head against the wall!. The next time i cut the pill into quarters and even with a quarter, i still got headaches, so i stopped using Viagra.


A friend told me about Cialis and that it was same as Viagra but without the headaches. Tried it, 1 pill, 1/2 pill and down to 1/4 pills but still got headaches. Stopped using Cialis.


The only other side effect i had with Viagra and Cialis is flushing in the face. At times it's so not i feel like i'm having a fever!. No other side effects other then these.


I'm looking for something that does the job but without headaches. I'm ok with feeling flushed. I've not tried Kamagra, Levitra. Vardenafil or Stendra etc etc. I don't know which i should get. Is it wishful thinking or is there a pill out there that will give me a full hard on boner without the headache?.


I get unrelenting headaches on Kamagra. To avoid the headaches I take an aspirin like an ibuprofen about an hour or so after taking the Kamagra. This pre-emptive strike, as it were, does the trick for me.

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Your worst side effect is going to be a heart attack. I cant believe people who will take prescription medicine without seeing their doctor, let alone buying it in Bangkok where it could be anything


You realize that doctors (at least in the United States) prescribes Viagra without doing any exam. He might just ask you what type of erections you have or how/when you can get an erection to determine if Cialis or another alternative is better for you, but that's it. Or you might be asked if you have prexisting conditions.


The only people who they will not prescribe it for are people with heart problems. And if you have heart problems you should be going to the doctor regularly anyway.


Anyone who is healthy and does not have medical issues shouldn't have any issues with Viagra.


However, I think people should always be educated about what they are taking. The leaflet inside the Viagra gives you all the drug interactions and directions on how to take it. The people who take multiples per day or drinks heavily and/or mix it with other drugs are dumb.

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Yes there is always a risk taking any medication and even if it is prescribed by a doctor there is still a risk as each person is different. However, for any modern drug to get into the market there has to be extensive safety testing which means fro the vast majority of people the risks are minimal. I have just looked at an over the counter cold medication that requires no doctors prescription to purchase. The list of possible side effects and warnings on the enclosed paperwork would worry many people but the drug company is just covering themselves.

I have only used these medications once when a mate gave me one to try. After being in BKK for 7 days I was starting to loose energy and it certainly did what it said on the tin. Side effect none.

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I just have to put my 2 cents worth in. Hi, I used to get viagra but seen kamagra is so much cheaper. Im not bothered what brand the sildenafil is if Im honest. I ordered mine from online as well...and they work just as well as when I had them prescribed by my doctor.


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Headaches are a problem for me too

I found Kamagra the best of all though

Cheap and does the job without a problem

I am guessing everyone reacts differently

Haven't tried the gel, How long is it good for?

Generic Viagra here in Aussie is a no no for me

Cialis goes well

I treat them purely as recreational. Don't use them at home

Different strokes for different folks

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I'm young so never had a problem before of not getting hard or not being able to finish, but for the fun of it, and because I wanted to try, I bought 3 sachets of kamagra gel from the corner of soi 7/1. The guy quoted me 50 baht per sachet, or 5 for 200 baht. I negotiated to 3 for a 100 baht.

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