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  1. I am not sure why you call that bike above a "chooper" Maybe it is the angle, but I don't seen a modified frame or extended handle bars. Looks just like a regular big bike to me.. I think it will be hard to find an actual chopper for rent in Bangkok. Traffic is too tight and turns are sharp... Renters would definitely crash it. Lol But if you want a bike like the one pictured above, Emma Motorbikes seem to have Harley's, Triumphs, and Kawasakis that are similar. http://www.emmamotorbikes.com/our-motorbikes/harley-davidson https://www.facebook.com/emmamotorbikes/photos/a.591886467639790.1073741832.587118044783299/774293962732372/?type=3&theater
  2. 10's on beach road? I've never seen an 8 on beach road, much less a 10. When I lived in Pattaya, the quality there was far less than in BKK pretty much all around, but that was in 2015. I've only been back for a visit a few times since then, and while I did find good talent, I didn't feel compelled to rush back. I didn't see a whole lot of stunners in most places either.
  3. Diabolic

    Re-entry Permit

    Re-entry permit is only for someone with a long term visa that does not have multiple entries. For example, a student with a 1-year Visa may need to leave for a while and come back. They would not be permitted to return on the same Visa without a re-entry permit. If you are on a tourist Visa, don't worry about it. Either get a Visa with multiple entries permitted or just get a new Visa before returning.
  4. I've always been charged 400 too... I would be very suspicious if I was only asked to pay 200. I'm pretty sure Apcalis is imported, so I don't see how they could charge the same amount as a box of Sideagra. Also be weary if you buy Levitra. Levitra is by far the best boner pill for me... I get no side effect from it (headaches, flushed face, etc) like I get with Viagra or Cialis. But since there is no generic version, 1500 per box of four means I only splurge on a couple boxes here and there. The street stalls will try to sell it to your for 300-500 baht, so there is NO WAY what you're getting is real. I've always been tempted to try whatever the fake shit is that their selling to see if it works, but who knows what's mixed in there. And just because a pharmacy is indoor, don't think you're getting genuine stuff all the time either... A lot of them will sell you 100% fake stuff. It might actually work, but who knows what kind of impurities are mixed in with it. I don't search around for low prices just because of this... I was watching a news report the other day about the fake stuff in Thai pharmacies. It's scary.
  5. I am in BKK and on my Uber app it is estimating a trip to the Airport as a little over 600 baht, which is more than what a metered taxi would cost me. It's also estimating a trip to Pattaya as 2300 baht. I'm not sure if they are trying to factor bad traffic in or something, but those rates are more than what they used to be. They might have increased fares or something. When you arrive at the airport, follow the sign to the taxi stand and there is a uniformed attendant that will ask you where you're going and she writes it down and informs the taxi for you. They will automatically turn the meter on if you go to the meter stand. The cost is 50 baht plus whatever the meter shows. Meter usually shows about 300-350 and plus the 50 surcharge, it comes to about 400 baht.
  6. Are you bypassing the Taxi meter stand at the airport? I have never even talked to a taxi driver when using a metered taxi upon arrival. They automatically turn the meter on and its only 400 baht or so going to Asoke. I use Uber sometimes for trips around the city, but I know they have flat rates from some airports. Google "Bkk Uber Airport" and you will read reports of people saying the Uber fee is 1000 baht. Not sure if its still like that, but its worth reading if you plan to do this. If not, the Uber fees are generally just slightly cheaper than a taxi, so you won't save much. It'll be a lot more convenient and time saving just to do a taxi at the airport since they are already waiting.
  7. Get a multi-Entry tourist visa. Last I checked, you could come and go 3 times on one multi-entry but the rules may have changed. It might be more open now.
  8. No, eventually they will stop you and tell you "last time" and force you to buy visas... Some people have been stopped and told to go home without entry. Even if you buy tourist visas, you might be stopped at some point and asked why you're returning X number of times per year on tourist visas and told that it's the last time. I believe they call this the "red stamp." There is no definitive amount of times you can come and go, and you don't know when it will happen either. I would recommend reading the visa section on Thaivisa.com to get the most up to date information. A lot of people come 3-4 times per year on visa exemptions, but you'll probably get stopped at some point if you come 12 times per year.
  9. There's plenty of normal taxis you can flag down. You won't save more than a few baht by choosing a motorcycle over a normal. Also if you go with a motorcycle guy, ask the price before hand. A couple times I've buckled and took a motorbike and they tried to way overcharge me when we arrived to the destination. If it's a driver you don't know, they won't tell you the price up front so they can make up whatever price they want at the end.
  10. When I was in Phuket, all the beer bars seemed like clones. Each had a couple girls dancing on poles, and a few ladys working the bar. There was literally no reason to sit at any particular one other than it was the closest or had a hotter girl. The go-gos were virtually the same. They seemed to have no real identity to them. The signs all had different names, but when you walked inside, you didn't really feel like you were in a completely different zone like you'd feel say... if you went in Rainbow 4 in BKK vs Spanky's in BKK. I never got ripped off anywhere, but the drink priced were high, the girls were bored out of their minds, and every bar was devoid of all but a few arab/indian customers.
  11. It seems like you've made no effort to research anything yet. Don't plan on doing your research from the plane. Do it before you even book your flight. The kinds of questions you are answering are like square one, basic questions and you're asking us all to spoon feed you a travel guide in our answers. Step one is to go to Google and do some serious hard reading on travel in BKK. Maybe watch some Youtube videos. Do some searches on BKK-Addicts for any questions you weren't able to answer from there. After you feel 95-99% sure you know what you're getting into, that's when you should create a thread to ask any questions that you couldn't find answers to. The amount of time it would take you to type "transportation in bangkok" or "thailand scams" will be far less and yield you a much deeper amount of information. Everything you asked has already been answered, I promise you.
  12. Any reason why you'd blow money to lug old games around? You don't even need an emulator to play retro games these days. Just buy a controller for your computer and play 'til your head explodes. Buy an HDMI cable if you want to play on your TV. http://www.playretrogames.com/ http://online-console.com/
  13. 6 months isn't really that long, but if you're really going to do nothing but go to Nana/Cowboy and bring freelancers back to your place then go for it. "Near" Nana/Cowboy is subjective though. I personally would never live in lower Sukhumvit. It's one of the stinkiest, dirtiest places in Bangkok. The only reason to go there is for the red light stuff really. Otherwise it's crap. But Chit Lom is technically close to Nana/Cowboy. Thong Lor is technically close... Ekkamai or Ratchada might even be considered close depending on your definition of close. Living a BTS or MRT stop or two from Nana/Cowboy is awesome, but living right in the mix of there would be aweful IMO. There's entertainment all over BKK, and this is a MASSIVE city, so don't think that they'll be no entertainment outside of lower Suk.
  14. Doesn't prevent the more likely scenario or Herpes, HPV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, general UTI or pregnancy. Cheap condom is more effective than this $50 tablet... If you're only worried about HIV, then you are cray cray :lol:
  15. The best place for action in Udon is the Discos. There's one main Disco (can't remember the name) fairly close to the beer bar complex which gets packed with hotties at night. If you're a slightly attractive farang, picking up girls at this place will be a breeze and the girls will be more than happy to go home with you for 1000 baht in the morning. Because Udon is so small, most of the cute, young girls wouldn't dare work in beer bar complex for fear of their friends and family finding out. They'd rather travel to Pattaya or BKK and tell their friends that they are going to work a legit job. But there's lots of young stunners who show up at the discos with their girlfriends, and if you're an age appropriate farang, getting in with them is a snap. Also if you go past the beer bar complex and head towards the night market, there's lots of little side streets and sometimes there will be a sole, tiny bar on these streets. I found about 3 of them from exploring and the girls at those bars were notably younger and more attractive than the ones at the main area.
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