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  1. I stayed at Royal Ivory many years ago. Pros: Big rooms with kitchenette. Cons: No balcony. No blackout curtains, so very bright early in the mornings with sun shining in! There is a small pool, but water looked a bit murky so I never used it. Biggest problem for me was that the whole place stinks of cigarette smoke! 😖
  2. There are normal open Beerbars in Patong outside of Soi Bangla with lower prices, if you don´t care too much about age and looks of the girls! 😜
  3. Ladydrink is 250 Baht. Barfine is unfortunately on top of the 20 LDs, and could cost 2000-4000 Baht depending on before or after midnight! Girls fee for ST you can expect from 4000-5000 baht and up! So at least a total of 5000 Baht + 2000 baht + 4000 baht = 11000 baht or more for a ST! 😛 Take it or leave it! 😆
  4. Same owner so I guess similar rules apply ! Harem Club was a fun place too, I visited every night for the 4 days in March 2023, that I stayed in Patong. I had one hostess "Lin" and one of the toplessdancers "Bai Toey" in my lap every visit, and they where both very hands on and into kissing and lapdancing for a few LDs. So, you can certainly have fun in the bar. Just a pity about the high LDs quota, barfines and girls fee! Up until 2017 I always barfined girls from Suzy Wong and other gogo bars every year no problems. I didn´t go to Patong for 6 years, so I was quite shocked when I came back this year (2023) to find that gogo bar prices had gone up so much, as it used to be on par with Pattaya and BKK! Next year I will skip Patong and Phuket.
  5. I went to Suzy Wong earlier this year and fancied one of the dancers and had her come to sit with me for some chitchat and a few LDs. I asked her about barfine she said it was 4000 baht before midnite and 2000 baht after! Since I had a lot of fun with her and it was already 22:30 I thought I could just wait until Midnite and take her out for a 2000 Baht barfine. Finally time was up and I told her I wanted to pay her barfine, but then suddenly she replied that I needed to buy her at least 25 LDs as well??? I asked her how many already and she counted her slips to 8 LDs, that meant I must buy her another 17 LDs!!! 😖 No way I would do that so I had to go home alone! 😔 I understood it as I had to personally buy 25 LDs, and it was not the total LDs for her shift! Maybe I understood it wrong... not sure!? Maybe someone on the ground can confirm if true or not. I saw guys in there buy 60 LDs in one go, like a pyramid of tequilas! 😲 I asked Mamasan Anna and some of the girls in Harem Club about ST cost for the girls , and they answered up to the girls some will not go, some will go for 5000 baht others will not go for less than 10000 Baht! 😖
  6. For fun gogo bars Suzy Wong and Harem Club in Soi Sea Dragon can not be beat! You can have lots of fun in these bars for the price of a few LDs. Harem Club has lots of naughty corners with comfy sofas for some hands on action! 😛 Suzy W is famous for it´s ass smacking with foam-tubes, if you are into some S&M fun! 😜 If you want to take out girls, Barfines are expensive though and they have a minimum 25 LDs too! 😲 Lots of girls to choose from as well! 😍
  7. Is that from the Soi 4 entrance? Did you try to walk through or did the guard stop you?
  8. I stayed at Miami 1 night back in January 1987. It was pretty worn already back then, so unless the rooms are totally new and refurbished, I wouldn´t book this place! 😏 It´s one of the old still remaining American GI Hotels from the Vietnam-war era. A photo taken from my room showing Sukhumvit Rd outside.
  9. I stayed here for a few days some years ago because I had some Agoda points to use, but although room was OK, there was no balcony, and window- view was just a concrete wall opposite the hotell! There is a small swimmingpool that is nice though. Worst part of my stay was that the whole hotel smelled of some obnoxious antiseptic hospital-odour from the moment I entered that made me feel sick, and the room and bedsheets felt moist and humid! So I never stayed here again...
  10. Just found this video: 😯 Seems like they have demolished the park and started to build a new 233 mh 51 floor Scyscraper "Tenth Avenue" !!! 😵 I have a feeling this is gonna be a very noisy stay !!! 😏 If I had only known before I booked! Unfortunately if I cancel I don´t get my money back! 😢
  11. "busy construction" doesn´t sound to good! 😲 Where is this! Across the hotel... in Chuvit Garden? Think I saw they had opened a Night Market in there?
  12. Anyone stayed here recently, and how was it? Guestfriendly, noise level, cleanliness, tobacco-smell, shower and Wi/Fi. It has got lot of good reviews over the years, and is in a good location in Soi 10 just a "stones throw" from Sukhumvit Rd, and between Nana and Asoke BTS. Just booked it for a week in January 2023, and got a good deal at 580 baht/night for a standard room! 😉 It´s only 20 squaremeter, so only a small room, but I think it will be adequate for my needs. How far in minutes is it to walk to either NEP or Soi Cowboy?
  13. If you are on a budget and don´t mind old and noisy right on Sukhumvit, and just around the corner from Nana Plaza Soi 4... you have the Parkway Inn with mirrors on wall behind the bed! 😉 Plahgat
  14. Hi! I stayed at DI Place a few days in 2017. It´s tucked in a small side lane just off Soi 4, with several other cheap small places to stay. Rooms are clean but very tiny only 18 m2, and I think only the front rooms have windows. No place to put your luggage, just a few hangers in the corner. There is no real balcony, but you can open the big window and step out on a thin ledge if you want to smoke. Location is great just steps from Beerbars and NEP, but when I stayed there was a makeshift small streetbar opened at night just downstairs from the hotel with some Ladyboys that were very noisy at night, so I didn´t get much sleep! If you are single and just want some place to sleep for a night or two it´s ok, but it´s not for claustrophobics! I did manage to squeeze in a Nana GoGo girl 1 night though!😜 Plahgat
  15. Lots of "barbershops" in Hat Yai, Southern Thailand! :rolleyes: Plahgat
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