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Registration Terms

Registration Terms

Welcome to Bangkok Addicts Forum which for the purposes of this document may be referred to as Bangkok Addicts or simply as BA.

BA is dedicated to maintaining a friendly, fun, informative and flame free atmosphere in which our members can share information of general interest about Thailand in general, in particular Bangkok, as well as other areas of South East Asia of interest to our members. The forum is free to join, all we ask is that you respect our rules and the other members of the forum. We also wish to encourage all our members to post their questions and comments as information shared will go to the greater benefit of us all.

BA is a mostly adult oriented forum for which membership registration is required in order to see the full content. By registering as a member of the forum you are verifying that you are a mature adult 18 years of age or older. If you are not 18 years of age or older your registration will be considered invalid.

There are some forums available to be viewed without registration that contain much interesting information about Thailand and Bangkok in particular, however; you will not be able to post questions in these forums or add content without registering.

1) Showing forum content to Thai girls, telling Thai girls that their picture(s) or information have been posted on Bangkok-Addicts.com and/or showing content from Bangkok-Addicts.com to non-members is strictly forbidden. An instant ban will follow

2) The following content is NOT permitted on Bangkok-Addicts.com. Anything in breach of these rules may be removed, edited or deleted. Sanctions or an outright ban may apply:

a) Discussion about The King of Thailand, The Monarchy or members of The Thai Royal Family;

b) Disrespectful or inflammatory discussion regarding past or current Thai governments. This includes all government agencies such as the Thai military, police, customs and immigration services;

c) Posting of information which is known to be false or which is reasonably considered to be false;

d) Discussing moderation policy or actions in the open forums, including but not limited to individual actions, general and specific policies and issues. Questions about moderation actions may be made by PM to a Staff member;

e) Posting of spam. Posters of such information will be banned immediately;

f) Political threads, posts or comments. This rule does not preclude discussion on current affairs in Thailand provided those are in no way related to partisan politics;

g) Disrespectful, abusive, defamatory, harassing, hateful, obscene, profane, threatening, vulgar posts or any material which is considered illegal in either your home country, your host country, the United States of America or Thailand;

h) Religious and/or racial slurs;

i) Links to online gambling sites and promotion of gambling places or events, however general discussion on gambling is allowed;

j) Posting of personal/business messages or emails sent to you by another person, without that person’s permission;

k) Revealing the identity of another board member unless that board member has either done so on their own or given their permission to do so;

l) Personal information such as names or hypertext links to social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Line, Instagram, Reddit), email addresses and telephone numbers, these may be passed by Personal Messages (PMs);

m) Posts improperly advertising for a business, with the express exception of posts made in accordance with Rule 12 below;

n) Discussion about buying/selling illicit drugs or specific directions/names of where to buy illicit drugs and topics purely discussing them in the public area. We will however allow: 1) Topics about weed/marijuana only in the designated part of the advanced area of the forum, 2) Warning people about users 3) Having it in advanced area trip reports and in relevant stories;

o) Posting of pictures or references of a sexual nature with anyone under the age of 18 years, including revealing the identity or place of employment of any individual under the age of 18 years;

p) Pictures or comments involving sex with animals;

q) Nude images, with exception of materials posted in the Advanced Members area. This includes avatars and signatures;

r) Copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder, this includes copying of material found on Bangkok-Addicts.com to other places or sites; and/or

s) Anonymous posts.

3) The Forum promotes a “Nice To Be Nice” (N2BN) ethos. This is to promote discussion as well as to protect the integrity of Bangkok-Addicts.com. Members posting outside this ethos may be sanctioned, restricted or banned.

4) Posting of personal photos or information of a personal nature without the permission of the individual is not permitted unless it is quoting a post made by the person in question or their permission has been obtained. Permission will be considered to have been obtained if the person has allowed their picture to be taken, unless it has been specifically requested that their picture not be posted. Posted photos may be removed arbitrarily by Bangkok-Addicts.com staff or if requested by the subject of the photo. At other times Bangkok-Addicts.com staff may request that the photo be removed, the reason for request is to be given when the request is made.

5) Exceptions to all rules may be made if reporting an offensive, nude, threatening, abusive, racist or unproven accusation. The report will be considered by the Admin/Moderating staff and collectively they will determine whether it constitutes an offence under the rules and take the appropriate action against the offender.

6) An email address or domain name may not be used as a username. A valid email address is always required for all board members.

7) Each member is permitted to have one account and subsequent accounts will not be approved or if discovered after the fact, will be deleted. Attempts to register more than one account may lead to the original account being banned or removed from the board as well.

😎 The decisions of the Administrators and/or Moderators in any dispute on Bangkok-Addicts.com is final. You may send a PM to a Moderator to discuss individual actions. Where questions regarding the interpretation of these rules occurs, the interpretation and decision of the Administrators and/or Moderators will be considered correct and final.

9) Bangkok-Addicts.com is not – and cannot be held – responsible for any material posted by board members. Objectionable material can be reported to the Administrators or Moderators and may be removed after being reviewed.

10) The rules and policies of Bangkok-Addicts.com are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

11) Bangkok-Addicts.com reserves the right to limit or remove access to the forums from anyone at any time.

12) Legitimate advertising will be allowed by business owners/board members who have identified themselves to Bangkok-Addicts.com staff and who have agreed to post their advertising in the proper areas. Legitimate business owners and managers may contact any of the staff for posting permissions for these areas. Business owners and managers who advertise with Bangkok-Addicts.com agree by registering that Bangkok-Addicts.com assumes no liability for loss of business or exposure that may occur should they have their access at Bangkok-Addicts.com removed or restricted.

13) Appropriate action may be taken against any member whose conduct, actions or comments are intentionally devaluing the forum and/or the reputation of Bangkok-Addicts.com and its staff, including the posting slanderous statements either on this forum or any other website/forum by any member.

14) All content posted on Bangkok-Addicts.com is owned by Bangkok-Addicts.com. We respect your privacy and the Data Protections Act 1998. Bangkok Addicts reserves the right to reproduce anything that is posted on our site but we will respect your privacy with photos and identities.


Please respect Thai culture the Thai royal family and Thai people.

Bangkok Addicts reserves the rights to add value to members posts by linking words to external web pages. This can include authoritative sites such as, Wikipedia etc This gives the end user a more informative write up. If we add subtle links, we will not change the context of your post.

We reserve the right to remove or edit at our discretion any material of an incriminating or libelous nature against any individual or business.

Images or videos taken with covert cameras, especially inside closed bars and Agogos, are not permitted. Content from certain bloggers/vloggers/Youtubers are not permitted. Such content, if posted, will be removed. Repeated postings by a member will attract sanctions.

We will be updating this list of rules and guidelines from time to time as issues not previously covered arise.

Please enjoy our forums and happy posting to all, we look forward to you adding your content to make Bangkok Addicts the best information site that we can.

Thank you for visiting us!

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