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Mongering in Chaiyaphun


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I have asked several times about the mongering  action in Chaiyaphum and have not received any decent answers from anyone.  I know there are a lot of farang there for I have seen them most every where I go.


I guess they are not the mongering type as no response.   I may be moving there soon and would like to know if there is any places to go i.e., bars.


It seems to be a very active place and big enough for some action, I am always with my lady when I go and do not get out on my own ever.

so cannot explore.


Thanks to all who replys to this thread.

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I travel to Chaiyaphum quite a lot as we have a farm 104km away in Thep Sathit.  I usually make any excuse to go to the HomePro or Makro or Big C - luxury compared to Thep Sathit!


Try as I might find it (and I can sniff out a naughty Bar from 5km   :ph34r:) Chaiyaphum must have a very subdued night life because I've not yet cracked it.  Apart from the usual Tawandang (thai Beer hall) there doesn't seem to be a "bar street" as many would know it.


If you do find it however - please let me know! <_<

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in my experience in rural thailand i found that massage girls, hair salon girls, and especially karaoke is where you find the girls. Usually around the bus stations. Every Karaoke bar i've been to in rural thailand has p4p girls. 

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There are some karaoke places there that from the look of the girls might include extras. However, they appear to have only local  customers in them and I am not sure how well westerners would go down. If in doubt as a taxi driver as they always know where any action is. You might not get the best place on the first try but you will find out where the nightlife area is so can then look about.

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