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Sexual Health - BBBJs from Escorts


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I'd like to add escorts into my life for the occasional makeout / BJ session without a condom, no sex. I'd like to understand the risks to my sexual health of doing this. I can't seem to find very straight forward answers to the real risks. Herpes / HPV seem like the only risks that last. I will ensure my HPV vacine is up to date and Herpes sounds like an overblown issue that I'm likely to already have.

Life is full of risk, drinking, flying, skiing, all risk / reward calculation. For how awesome it would be to have a really hot escort from time to time, this seems like an okay risk to take?
Here is what I've gathered. Does this look correct? In my mind this is a reasonable risk to take, what do you think?
I've been trying to quit porn actually, I think it fucks with my brain and other parts of my life (saps my willpower and motivation). I think this will be a more healthy behavior being with a real person, even if it is a bit of a fantasy event.

Some quote from various websites / around Reddit:
oral sex is almost safe sex:
- Chlamydia almost never lives in the throat.
- Syphilis is an exceedingly rare disease (especially in heterosexuals), and even rarer orally.
- You're highly unlikely to get genital herpes from a person's mouth (obviously) because that kind of herpes is almost never found in the mouth.
- You aren't gonna get warts from a person's mouth.
- And it's common knowledge in the medical community that HIV is not transmitted from oral sex.
The STD you are most likely to get is Gonorrhea as it readily inhabits the throat.
But the thing you are most likely to get is NGU, which isn't an STD, per se -- it's when normal bacteria found in the throat finds it's way into your urethra where it's not supposed to be -- though you'll still need antibiotics.

Oral sex is very low risk for HIV. There has never been a documented case of transmission through oral even with semen present. I work in HIV and we really try to stay focused on high risk activities like unprotected anal sex. We tell people what is high risk and what is low risk so they can decide what they want to do. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are symptomatic in the throat while they can be asymptotic in the vagina or anus. Meaning people will likely seek medical care if they have it in the throat. And you don’t see them in the throat often. And those two are curable so compared to HIV, they are no big deal. As long as you catch them in people with uteruses before they get PID which is a big deal. As for herpes, idk, it’s everywhere. Either your immune system suppresses it, or it doesn’t. You probably got exposed to it from kissing your mom when you were little.

I got Herpes from a BJ from a stripper. Ironically she asked me if I was “cleanly befoe she did it.
googled it, transmission rate for herpes from oral to penis is 10pct ish. Who knew.
No it wasn’t HSV-1.
God is unfair for making such a wonderful activity risky.
That said - all I had was one bump and no symptoms since. I thought my life was over. Tough convo with current wife when we were dating (told her before we had sex). We have had sex a bazillion times and she has never had a symptom. Don’t think she’s been tested.
Herpes is not a big deal.


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