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YES! Just bought my Emirates ticket for Januari 2024. 3rd trip.


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Since everybody is always interested in prices, I payed €955. I will have 2 hour stop in Dubai.

I heard many good things about Emirates so I thought I would give them a try. 


this trip I will also go to Pattaya and Phuket. Pattaya will be solo (off course), but Phuket will be with my Nana girl. Does anybody know a nice romantic place to stay in Phuket? I have not looked into it yet. Hotel budget for Phuket is about 5000 baht per night.  

I am also looking into going to a shooting range. sounds like a fun experience. 


Anyway I just had to share this good news 😁.


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Looking at your location you're leaving from AMS?

Flying Emirates for the first time as well this October. KLM just lost their minds with the pricing, that's not worth the direct flight for.

I'll be able to share some more Phuket info once I touch the ground as I find the information regarding this place to be scarce.
Where do you want to stay in Phuket, there are many places. If you want to be close to mongering, despite being with your Nana girl, Patong is the place to be. Want something more relaxing, Karon, Kata Kamala are popular options.

Veel plezier!

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