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  1. The hotel is located on Soi 6 in Bangkok, with just a few minutes to Nana Plaza and working girls on the street on Soi 4. https://maps.app.goo.gl/xfBwQynyDJUVSAPKA There is a 7/11 at the T junction with Soi 4 with an ATM. A 10 min walk gets you to Benchakitti Park further south. While Soi 8 and 11 are less than 5 minutes away. Soi 8 through an alleyway. Reception checked me in quickly. I went up to the room alone, wasn't escorted. With big groups they do offer the service to pick up all baggage. Staff is overall friendly and helpful. The lounge area isn't big as it also used for the breakfast area. So it had seats everywhere. I saw a mix of type of guests. Indians, falang, Korean and even Thai. Price: One Bedroom Executive Suite for about 3300 THB a night, booked directly. I've seen other rooms start at 2100 on Agoda. Cleanliness: Though it looked clean, several surfaces like the table in the living room section had stains of some sort of Liquid. Overall it felt clean and there were no insects or other bugs in the room. Room: The front area was a seating area, sadly without a sink. This was great to relax here during the heat of the day when killing time. The fridge was big enough to hold a 1L coke bottle. The view outside led to Soi 6 road and an apartment building that needed improvements. The bedroom section had many clothes and drawers to put your stuff in. The bed was nice and comfy. it could be closed off from the living room section by a door. Iron + board was present in the room. Umbrella's, slippers and bathrobes. There was enough room in the baht room. Using the water came with a manual (self made one). Had to play with it to keep it just warm enough. But it would swing from too hot to cold several times. No balcony present. Sadly the room had wear and there which mostly visible in the bathroom. The patch work done was below par. But also on several surfaces in the living room section. Noise: No issues with noise from the street during the day or night. In-room entertainment: Various channels for various visitors. You could see they had tailored this to the type of guests they had. With Korean, Indian channels being present. Wi-fi: Speeds weren't the fastest but connection was reliable. Guest policy: I didn't confirm what their official stance is, but most likely friendly. Not sure about registration. Safe/Security box: Present and could fit a 15 inch laptop placed inside ways. Pool: Did not make use of this but there is one present. Food: I didn't make sure of the breakfast or diner option. They have a restaurant connected to the hotel. In the room there was a price list of what you could order for room service. Snacks in the room were not free. Only the water. Parking: A small section near reception. Would I recommend it: Yes, you can get decent prices for the other types of rooms. It's especially good for those looking to pick up FL from Soi 4 or spend a lot of time at Nana Plaza. Plus walking distance to BTS and 7/11.
  2. Forgot to share my experience. I left Patong with mixed feelings. The hotel I stayed at had housekeeping issue, which affected my mood. It was located in a great place though, close to the OTOP bar complex. It felt over crowded and there were a lot of russians. You could see Thai's acting different around them. Prices Prices for almost everything where higher than in BKK and Pattaya. If you go to the bars the prices drop. I felt the open bars were a better choice when picking ladies. Gogo bar Visited 3 gogo's and all of them hardly had customers. The girls who were really pushy for drinks and left as soon as they saw they couldn't get a drink out of you quick enough. Beer bar Avoid 9 Dragon Sally's Bar on Soi Seadragon. The owner can't be trusted. Tried a few bars, some have lookers others do not. Though I had a connection with one lady. But she was a pro. Knew how to give you that fake feeling it was mutual but quick to jump on another horse. One place I definitely recommend is the OTOP bar complex, a lot of small bars. The level of ladies depends. At Caddy Shack 2 I felt they a higher level of ladies compared to the rest. Though still below Bangla road freelancers. I spend the most time in the area as it was just laid back. Girls weren't pushy for drinks and we had fun playing games. Freelancers I feel Illuzion is a great spot to pick up freelancers . The amount I saw there eclipsed all other dance clubs. I also loved this place as it is spacious. You can find any level of FL here. From the sub 6's to the top 9s. You will see freelancers all over Bangla Road standing on the side, sometimes trying to pull a customer closer. But it's mixed. LBs and regular girls standing along each other, so be aware. Thai Friendly I lucked out but I read of another guy who had very good success. Initially I was turned off to use TF by a very gorgeous lady who quoted 45oo for ST and 8000 for LT. Didn't get a lot of reponses to my messages. It wasn't until later I discovered my location setting was off. Once i fixed that the messages started to come in. Massage salon Though I didn't use any there were a lot on Rai Uthit Song, the read leading to Bangla. Felt the ladies were a bit more aggressive in getting a customer to stop. Transportation I mainly walked but the times I took a taxi it was just to expensive. Compared to BKK and Pattaya the taxi's have a choke hold on the market. If you take of one the red buses you can lower the price but you're mostly with other people going in a similar direction. So you need to plan this. Best advice I can give is rent a motobike if you don't drink. My take Patong/Phuket isn't for everybody and definitely not for me. The amount of tourist really turned me off. The prices were a shock, despite having read they would be higher. If you look below 30 you can snap up a few western girls. Definitely mix it up with trips to islands nearby. I spend 3 nights with the same lady. Nice face but not the best body. LT eventually was 3000 but she first quoted me 2000 to which staff corrected her. She bought me a gift when I left
  3. For the sole purpose of mongering it's not a great place. But that doesn't mean you can't find interesting ladies, depending on the quality you're looking for.
  4. My experience was Buy SIM at mall Setup accounts (Tinder, Bumble etc) Get groceries (drinks, food for after going out) Meeting a regular Lunch
  5. Looking at your location you're leaving from AMS? Flying Emirates for the first time as well this October. KLM just lost their minds with the pricing, that's not worth the direct flight for. I'll be able to share some more Phuket info once I touch the ground as I find the information regarding this place to be scarce. Where do you want to stay in Phuket, there are many places. If you want to be close to mongering, despite being with your Nana girl, Patong is the place to be. Want something more relaxing, Karon, Kata Kamala are popular options. Veel plezier!
  6. I'm heading to Phuket in November and like you I have been doing research but bump into the same wall of out of date info. After my trip I might be able to give you more up to date information as it will only be one month between when I was there and when you arrive. From what I've gathered thus far I can answer a few questions. Yes, there is th OTOP beer comples https://goo.gl/maps/fGiJnnYwHAQT2Cs5A There are also some in Soi Seadragon. the video below also shows beer bars but I can't pin point the place. Depends on your definition of good. I've been reading prices of 2500 for ST and even 5k+ My personal fear is that yes there will be FL options but they will cost. And of course you'll be able to find a few that are sitting around 2500. But I keep reading about 5K. Will know more myself when I'm actually there. I do hope you plan to do a lot of activities during the day. 10 days seems like a lot for Phuket if it's for mongering. Unless there aren't any really budget constraints.
  7. The room I booked is a One Bedroom Premier for 3 nights for a total of THB10500. When I initially looked I got prices of 18000-20000 for the same number of nights. When I stayed in November in the same room type (One Bedroom Premier) I had paid THB 18000 for 6 nights
  8. Prices seem to be coming down. I snatched a Premier room for a price I felt decent. Almost 50% cheaper than when I last looked.
  9. Did you also reach out to them to ask? That's usually quicker than on this forum.
  10. I've been reading about freelancers slowly stopping to use TF because it's a lot of work and not much leads to actual meetup for them to earn (ROI).
  11. In November 2022 it was still guest friendly. They don't check for ID. But you can do it for your safety I stayed in a One Bedroom Premier for a good price and it was super. Having a washing machine in the room spoiled me for the rest the trip. Room was facing the back. One night had a screaming guy. And another some construction sounds. But overall no bar/club sounds. Or noises from other rooms. Looking for my trip in November I saw prices were higher. Almost double of what i paid before.
  12. A combination of public BYS/MRT and Bolt gets you far. That was a good experience I had in BKK
  13. Not counting the airport. Check-in, inspect room and hotel. Head out. Get my nuts drained at Tulip. Go to the closest mall. Pick up stuff from 7/11 or grocery story. Have dinner and afterwards hit walking the soi's for an impression and ending up at a club.
  14. Since I'm staying in bigger cities the advice I got was Hep A and DTP/DPT. I also got Rabies and Hep B just in case and for future trips.
  15. I'm still vaccinated with Hep A. Got Hep B and DPT/DTP and Rabies for my upcoming trip.
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