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anyone used key premier hotel

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I was going to used them and went for a walk down Soi 7 one night. It is a long walk to this hotel and there is little street lighting.

I used their sister hotel "The Key" on Soi 19 and was very surprised. The service was excellent and, while it is down a side soi, it is easily accessible to all transport. Basically, it is behind Robinson Department Store

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Last year in June I stayed at the Key Premier Hotel in Soi 7. I payed about 4000 baht for 2 nights, which was a great deal.

Room is nice and comfy, not too big but perfect for me. The bed had a perfect soft/hard balance for me.

I disagree about the long walk, it's 200m to Sukhumvit so about a 3 min walk. I like the location, since Soi 7 is close to Nana (8 min walk) and Soi 11. The soi itself is really quiet, so perfect for light sleepers.

The view on the rooftop is awesome, the pool and poolbar are nice features of this hotel. Had a few mango shakes from the rooftopbar, which were very pleasant. 

In the end I didn't bring any girl back to the room, because I had some action at massage places and a ST room at Nana, but I'm sure there wouldn't have been any trouble in bringing back a girl here.



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Yes stayed there a few times during Covid, it used to be like 1500 baht and soi 7 was the best place to be then with the beer bars.

Was thinking to stay there again last month but prices had gone up and soi 7 beer bars are not the same anymore.


But great hotel and staff though, and deffinatly girl friendly. 

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