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  1. My top 4 (not in order): Charley Brown's Mexicana Din Tai Fung El Guacho Argentinian Steakhouse Indigo
  2. Your question is valid. It does not offend anyone. It is just annoying to have to read the same question several times on PA and BA and on multiple threads.
  3. I think he must have fallen off a motorbike and hit his head.
  4. I have met over 250 TF girls, and I get about 80-90% of them to respond to me. Here are some of my tips: You can tell if they are freelance if they don't have any words in their profile (not 100% but close enough). Some will list Freelance in job description or somewhere on the profile. I start off by being polite, ie, "Hi, how are you? You are pretty." Then follow up with, "Do you want to meet?" or "Do you freelance." If they do want to meet or are freelance, I ask for their LINE and make all the meeting and financial arrangements on LINE, The reason I do it on LINE and not TF is I do not want to get banned from TF. By the way, I am 60 and my age range is "normally" 18-25.
  5. I am in Bangkok now and I cannot recall there being this many freelancers on TF. They are much less discreet than in 2021 and before. I have been meeting 2 a day for about 4 days and I cannot keep up. All are 18-22 years old. Maybe the peer pressure to have a nice phone with a nice camera for all their Social Media photos are contributing to this behavior.
  6. Some banks will allow with the lease only. However, some will want a lease and the visa showing they match up. You may want to consider trying a few of the banks, and just tell them you are in the middle of applying for a longer visa. Or just hire an agent.
  7. Yes, that resets it. No need to go in and out of airports, as long as you see immigration at the border crossing.
  8. Maybe different now after covid. I stayed at Dream II (where the pool is located) around August and they did not ask for ID. Could be case by case, but I really do not look at the staff when I bring the girls in. I avoid eye contact and I have never been stopped.
  9. I have stayed here over 10 times and only once with 40 girls have they asked her for the ID. The only time was when the girl walked over to the reception. Normally I just walk them up without stopping at the counter.
  10. I actually stayed there a few weeks ago for 2 nights. It is guest friendly. Just wait in the chairs near the elevator and when the girls walk in they will see you. If you are bringing them in you do not have to walk past the reception so you are ok to just bring them up. The Central Embassy is close by: 40 meter walk to stairs to BTS walkway and turn left then it is on the right. Many great food options.
  11. While I do not live in Bangkok, I live in Pattaya. But I was researching heavily when I was considering moving to Bangkok. What you describe near Asoke would be $1500+ per month. Unless you get a 2 bedroom that is very small.
  12. Ya, you have to watch the video and pay attention to the date and location. Then Google is your friend.
  13. Yes, I figured such. I could have said it more nicely but I was short on time and was not able to edit it properly. Cheers.
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