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  1. Just got to bkk. Took the taxi and the fair was 700b. Meter 550b + 50b highway + 100b big luggage (bicycle). Seems like the fair has gone up. Ride was from airport to my hotel in asok. These extra fees is what I’ve been paying the last 3 times I was in Thailand. Normally the meter read 300-400b then plus the normal highway 50b and my bike bag 100b
  2. Nope, as far as I know it has not gone up. It's about the same price as grab. I checked on grab how much it'll cost to go to asok area from the airport but I took the taxi because it was a lot easier and faster cuz I didn't have to wait for the grab to arrive. With the meter on the price on the taxi was about 20-50 baht more by the time i got to my airbnb, total was about 350-400 baht I forgot exactly how much.
  3. Hahaha…it was actually at immigration as I handed her my passport. I would assume that they enforce what they stamped on the passport. I usually see a stamp for 30 days visa even when my return flight was not 30 days from entry. maybe she was smoking some good stuff that day.
  4. Ok, I've been to thailand 5 times and each time were always 30 days and that's because everywhere I look online says we "USA" get an automatic 30 days visa. So during my last trip to thailand in march I spoke to the immigration lady and I don't know how my conversation started but we started talking about visa and she told me that americans get a 45 day visa without applying. I even asked her that all the information I got says 30 days but she verbally assured me that she knows that everywhere it says 30 days but realistically you can get away with 45 days. Do any of you know about this or can elaborate? I'd like to stay longer without the hassle of getting a visa extension.
  5. Yeah, it's about 600baht a month for the unlimited I get.
  6. I have tmobile and you're right they have international converage but it's just too slow. Make sure your phone is unlock and buy a sim card from AIS. Cost around $20 usd depending on the package you get.
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