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Anybody heard any news about the proposed Phuket Addicts forum.


Are there any other active Phuket forums worth a look?


Supposed to be launching soon. The best one was Puket Info. Sadly it closed down but most of them migrated over to Thai Dreaming forum. It's not Phuket Specific but there are lots of Phuket regulars there.



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Thank you for your suggestion regarding the Thai Dreaming Forum.  I had a look and will join up.  I intend to revisit Phuket sometime in the new year.


I miss the old Phuket Info forum too.

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The main one used to be Phuket Info but the owner of the site, and owner of a bar in Patong died in tragic circumstances.


Most of the PI crowd migrated to Thai Dreaming forum. I believe the domain for Phuket Info forum was bought by someone who tried to revive it but last time I checked they were struggling to get people to sign up.


Try Thai Dreaming forum. If it's general Phuket info you are after (I.e not P4P info) then can try the Phuket sub forum on Thai visa.



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