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How much does a cook get a month?


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Hi was thinking of having 1 week GFE holiday with a 38 women from DIA..

She cooks in "shop" in Kaen Khon..

She says she earns 18000/month and rent is 9000/ month for 1 room .. seems a lot of money?

What do you guys think.. she wants to be paid for missing work which is fair enough..


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i don't know how much a cook makes, but I think the better question is will you have fun with her for a week?  if so, then give her what she needs and have a great time.  


1 week of her expenses listed is not much money at all and less than you would spend on a few good nights on in BKK anyway.



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Thanks for the tip ... when I said ok 600/day and I pay everything .. she said ok that for my son in BKK what u pay me.. when I said just give u your wages she said must go cook now :D and never got back to me on DIA ..so semi pro.. so lining up another now ..

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2x lev123. What´s it worth to you?


Just some numbers,

Base salary in a gogo, approx 8000 - 9000

Salary for waiter in branded mid range restaurant in BKK, approx 9000 - 11000 + tip

Salary for waiter more upscale restaurant in BKK, approx 15000 + tip

Room, approx 5000 - 10000, often shared

As far as I know...

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Thank you @lev123 and @Hermansen


Well its all about bargaining in LOS ..


The issue "apparently" with her is she's sponsoring her 15 year old football player in BKK while she's working in Udon


So she says hello for few days on DIA .. I ignore her coz I am getting I am an ATM vibe from her..

But today she wants to talk Skype.. so chat chat.. she says want see me I said yep see if we click... I pay everything and give u 600/day for son.. she says we go shopping .. eat seafood.. oh we stay in guest house only...  

I say hey maybe there is a relationship here (NOT) and im not an ATM .. Im not going on a spending spree... u want rich guy keep looking :) .. she says no ok .. that fine  I go with you..


so I chat with he more.. early days yet... but also must be fair as its a GFE

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