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Koh Tao


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I'm going to be on Koh Samui around the Full moon party in December, 

I love clubbing, and have always fancied a trip to Koh Phangan.


Of late, all I'm hearing is negative stuff about the Full Moon, too many kids, police constantly

looking to make a small killing. etc


With that in mind, do you think a couple of days on Ko Tao would be better spent?

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Regarding Phangan, if you know some peoples that live there and can introduce you to the private partys they do in some villas, that would be very cool. The Full Moon party is not anymore the same of some years ago. As you say too many kids etc etc.

Aside from that there are a lot of beautiful beaches to go and places to see

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Maybe.... Why not just take a trip over to koh samui and bring one over?

when I went to koh Samui alone their was enough action to keep busy , not saying it's the best place for it but pleanty of action as far as not having to bring your own , very cool island ,went for 5 days stayed like 16 lol if price no problem def stay at poppies resort ,,
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