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just got back but already planning my next trip in Februari. need advice on Phuket


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I have not even finished my Trip report for this month. I just got home a week ago. But I am already planning my next trip to Bangkok in February 2024 😁👍.

My budget is a lot lower next time around. I am looking te spend less money on lady drinks, bar fines and gifts. This time around I want to spend my money on myself and my girl.

I can only afford to bar fine my girl (Nana plaza girl) for a couple of days but I want to make those days special. I was thinking of taking her on a short flight to Phuket. Last trip I took her to Ayutthaya. Does anyone have some recommendations for a three day trip to Phuket? places to stay? places to avoid?



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Is she a girl that likes to go to the beach, that likes to lay out in the sun? If not, I wouldn't go to Phuket!

Normally I would recommend staying in Patong Beach near Bangla Road where the bars and dance clubs are. But you might want to stay at a more laid back, romantic resort like those found in nearby Karon or Kata.

I really enjoyed the James Bond Island day trip. It includes a look at the island from The Man In The Golden Gun as well as canoeing, lunch at a Muslim fishing village and some beach time and of course endless beautiful limestone cliffs to look at along the way.

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