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Pattaya Addicts temp down from moving, but how long.


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It's been down for like the last 3,4 hours. Anyone know how long is the moving going to take? A few more hours or days?

And it says "

Pattaya Addicts Forum is currently unavailable


We are just moving the forum. Please check out our Thailand forum 




What's that forum? Can we use the same log in credentials for that? thanks

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1 hour ago, lovermand said:

Start 18:00 thailand time and will at least take 24 hours 

do you have insider info or is this just a guess? they announced the start 6pm thai time but i did't read that they expect it to take 24 hours.

1 hour ago, Primusthai said:

They moved this forum too and they ran into some trouble which took them a few days to fully fix. I would expect a similar time frame. 

the admins said they expect to not run into any big problems (and they already learned a lot when they moved BA and philippines-addicts), but realistically, there is always some kind of unforeseen problem.
So i think best case is that it will come back online quite soon. Realistic median case is that it will start coming online again after 24-48 hours, but they'll fight with some intermittent problems for a few more days. 
Worst case: byebye forum (ok, let's not be dramatic)

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