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Codeine permit


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Hi all,


I know theres a sticky about this, but it's quite old now. I'm prescribed Co-codomal and Diazepam for a chronic back condition which can flare up intermittently. Thinking 12 hours on a plane won't be doing it any favours, plus loads of "exercise" whilst in Bangkok. When I go to the link supplied to get a permit, it returns;


Currently the website is under maintenance. If traveler would like to carry narcotic medications into Thailand, please contact directly to email [email protected]


Does anyone know how long it's been down for, I've been looking the last couple of weeks. Once the permit is granted, how long is it valid for? just trying to get my timings sorted out, so I can get a GP letter etc.

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A couple of years ago i had to bring in codeine.
Requirements as you've stated are  - GP letter and the forms require pre-approval.
I would email them if time is running short, don't chance it by simply declaring, chances are it could get confiscated.
Plus you'd be hard to find pharmacies to provide OTC codeine and diazepam, although that is not the case everywhere in the land of smiles.  

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40+ trips to Thailand and I’ve brought nurofen plus (codeine) and Valium every trip.
Although I’m prescribed both by my doctor I’ve never bothered to declare anything and not once been stopped and searched or had anything confiscated. Personally I wouldn’t worry.

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