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What's the best detox retreat in Thailand?


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Hey guys!


I'd like to try something new to become healthier, and I've heard many wonderful things about detox retreats. You know, a place where they give you a specific program to follow which includes a special diet, juices and activities like yoga, meditation and reiki, along with other healing treatments.


I'd like something like this, but preferably, located in an island.


Which one would you suggest?



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I'd recommend Bar 4 on Soi 4 in Bangkok you can flush out the system with large amounts of alcoholic beverages then get an attractive woman to suck the poison out of you.

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Yes, the human body is a self cleaning machine.


What you inhale, ingest, and imbibe can assist in this function or block or slow down this function


The OP asked for help finding a place, not opinions on whether you believe in his methods of achieving a healthier life.





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The human body is a self-cleaning machine. All "detox" drinks, foods, spas, etc., are bullshit with absolutely no basis in science.

100% what ratchada said - your liver takes care of “detox”, and a built-in process called homeostasis makes sure your body chemistry remains “clean” (also, alkaline waters are a similar scam)


At best, you can go on a retreat for a couple of days or weeks, where you are physically prevented from consuming unhealthy products - but that’s not a “detox” (they just call it that, because it’s a trendy term for people that don’t understand biology), that’s just giving yourself a break from abuse.


It’s pointless if you then go back to abusing yourself, of course.

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Couple of options, although they are more fitness retreats than “detox..” ones that I know of include Fresh Start in Chiang Mai, Gym Bangarang also in Chiang Mai, Titan Fitness in Phuket and Palapon in Hua Hin..


I’m sure there are many others all with varying levels of intensity but any of the above would be a good starting point.


Hope the above helps

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I'm not sure Thailand is the place to detox... It's rather the opposite......Air quality, pesticides, herbicides, hygiene of food, water quality... This is where you come to burn the candle at both ends and farkin have a good time...55555...you will feel better for it......5555

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I'm sorry that I don't have a legit answer for the OP, and I hope that he finds a good one and lets us know if it is a recommendation! 


That being said, I agree with this comment in terms of my own personal agenda: 


... This is where you come to burn the candle at both ends and farkin have a good time...55555...you will feel better for it......5555


I'm going on a detox before I leave, so that I can enjoy myself to the max while in country, and then I will detox after! It is part of my pre-trip and post-trip routine...

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Normal sober tedious workaday existence at home is, for me, as 'detox-ed' as it gets.


My trips to Thailand, on the other hand, tend rather to be a very rapid and relentless retreat into bouncing-off-walls eyes-on-stalks 24/7 drunken shag-a-thon debauchery.


Flippancy aside, I wholly concur with those who have opined that the body knows best, and to waste money on faddish trendy treatments is idiotic. Don’t drink too much, eat well, exercise, rest well. If you must booze it up, burn your candle at both ends, eat rubbish, sit on the sofa all day, well, shut up and get on with it and accept the consequences if and when your body starts to complain. Up to you. But paying good money for some doss clown to make you star fruit smoothies then stick a hosepipe up your arse and flush you out with soapy water? Hahahahaha.


Mental ‘detoxification’ might be another matter entirely. The psychological state of any woman working in the sex industry (whether that which drove her to prostitution and/or that which results from daily selling sex to strangers) must be severely, perhaps irreparably, warped and damaged and, however much we might rationalise and/or deny our own motives and addictive behaviour, the mindset of us serial mongers will be one that any psychiatrist would find interesting.


As for therapy? I suspect any really potentially-efficacious treatment or counselling would first necessarily involve a prolonged period of 'detox' i.e. taking the girl/monger completely out of the environment in which she/he is exposed to triggers to her/his 'condition' and keeping her/him away for as long as it takes (probably forever). Only once that period of detoxification had been deemed to have taken effect could therapy proper begin. And, as with any other addictive behaviour, such treatment would only have a chance of succeeding if the 'patient' had genuinely, freely, and sincerely expressed a desire to address and manage the malaise.


But it almost certainly wouldn't work with the gals. Odds of at least 300-1? (That's the odds some specialists give for an alcoholic ever drinking 'safely' again; others say it's impossible.)


I've personally known at least a dozen falang-hooker couples who've tried to make a go of it (and read or heard about dozens more): marriage, kids, and settling down, whether in Thailand or overseas. In every case it's ended badly, with her eventually (in some cases, very rapidly) going back on the game and him having to pick up the smashed pieces of his life. I know of three blokes (mongers) who have managed a happy marriage and long-term ongoing family life (one in BKK, one in Rayong, one in UK) with a Thai women, and, though they'd all worked in the bar scene, none of those 3 birds was a prostitute. (I know that for definite, not just cos they say so.) You join the dots.


Have fun.


Tom Tit :blink:

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