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Hi sfstudmuffin !


I never visited any bars in Krabi city, but I know that there are some bars in Ao Nang, a beach near Krabi. :)


Check this out:




Here's a video from youtube:




Cheers :D

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As you walk along the main strip towards the beach (Ao nang) there is small Soi opposite McDonalds. There are maybe 10 or so bars there that all looked fairly lively when I was there last. There is also a club just around the corner from there - Amy 69 I think. I was with a girl anyway but we went out drinking there a few times and there were a fair few nice lookers there.


Here is a map but you really can't miss it just look for those golden arches.



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They are all in-house short time joints. Good enough but nothing like the go-go's in Bangkok or Pattaya or even the beer bars in Chiang Mai. Still, some pretty girls and better than nothing.

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You can actually take them away as well to your hotel or most of them are using a house up the main street away from ao nang. The previous poster is right that its an alleyway across from mcdonalds in ao nang. The prices are cheap...around 1000bht short time back in your hotel plus a 500bht bar fine. Its a fun little area but the quality is no where near as good as BKK. Also be aware that if you get on the scooter with them and go back to their place that some of the dark streets out of town have a bad rep for tourists being robbed. So keep your wits about you.


Also, on the main st in front of the beach there is a strip of bars near the churascaria restaurant down an alleyway. It includes airport, a country bar, and a few others. At these places there are normally bar girls available to be taken away.


So all in all, although small, the P4P scene is fun down there...but its difficult to be a butterfly.

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In the Krabi city is a street full of massage parlors. When you take a bus from Ao-Nang, and go out in the Krabi you have to walk a little bit further and the street is on your left hand side. No problem to find. Prices lower than Bangkok but you have to be sure you are in the good place since some of the parlors are veggie (at least for foreigners).

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