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Has anybody been to Phuket RECENTLY?


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Gents, I have been to Phuket a half dozen or so times, but have not been there in about a year. I'm hearing from a lot of negativity about it, Bangla Road is dead, off the charts prices, etc. This was not my experience when there previously, but would like some insight from members that have been there in the last little while.

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I get the feeling that the clientele is changing.  More families and other tourists who are either cheap, or not partying.


Soi Freedom (formerly Soi Eric) I hear is almost dead and I keep in touch with a gal that freelances (mostly in Tai Pan) and she has been making trips to HK because Patong is not busy enough.


Probably busy around xmas....but for ladies, BKK/Pattaya....for beaches. diving, day trips to islands, etc Phuket.

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I haven't been there for a while but there are some people who have told me that there are a lot of changes there. Hopefully, I can make it back soon because there were some good things that happened there as far as I know..

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