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Bangkok electrolysis


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how did the laser removal work for you.. Im definitely trying to find a place and prices for that.. Im living in Chiang Mai, and the one place I went to so far said they didn't do men like that... Please let us know prices and recover time lol

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From my research into it most places use a laser method now. Though laser is not guaranteed for all skin types. Plus it requires multiple treatments with 3-6 weeks apart. Here in Oz the pricing is outrageous even while they claim to have the latest european laser technology. 

Electrolysis is still available. it's more painful than laser.  the best bet is to use one of the hospitals that offer the service.

In fact the best starting point is a hard wax option. Supposedly better than strip waxing.


My extra hair is manageable. A tube of veet cream made things a lot more comfortable at the gym. Though i'm on the fence as to what to do next. 


Here are my notes so far:

Laser hair removal - Natasa Clinic in Thonglor
Electrolysis and Laser treatments - 
pricing - http://www.yanhee.net/hair-removal/price-and-packages
waxing services for Men and Women, check their Facebook pages they have prices sheets. Both use hard wax treatment.   
Laser hair removal - Pattaya
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