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Khon Kaen


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Hi Guys !


I just want to try posting some pictures. Here are some from the daily life in Isaan.
























Cheers :D

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Nice pics. It's good to see some life outside the city limits.


Irfanview is a free program that's easy to use and will downsize those pics to a more web friendly size. These pics probably took 15 minutes to upload because of their file size (the last one is 3.5MB). A few clicks in Irfanview can get you 800x600 resolution and a filesize closer to 100KB. The forum software downsizes the view to about 800x600 anyway, but stores the fullsized image...All you lose is some upload time when you transfer them over the internet if you save as a new image (don't use same filename). I've been using it for 12 years. GIMP is a free program for major overhauls to image files; it's not so simple, but you could possibly make that bull walk using GIMP.



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Nice pics, I travel around Khon Kaen now and again what village/province are the photos of.


Big C

Hi Big Casino !


The pictures are from a village called Baan Nong Khit ( spelling ) and it's just outside Khon kaen.


Cheers :D

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great pictures .. thanks for sharing .. looks like a fun place to visit / see .. will add it to my itinerary for 2012 .. smiles .. pete mac

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hi .. has anyone played a round of golf at the khon kaen g course .. and does anyone recommend the charoen hotel there .. I have made a booking at the hotel and am considering checking the golf course also for a morning of exercise before an afternoon of beer

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