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Hua Hin girls


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This Forum is mainly about Bangkok nightlife, and most mongers don't venture further from the capital than Pattaya!

Some will go to Patong in Phuket, but very few go to Hua Hin for mongering, although there are a few beerbars with ladies.

I haven't been since 10 years now, but my guess is the prices are similar to the other beerbar areas in Thailand.



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I haven't been to Hua Hin for a long time, over 5 years. Was there for a week. It's a lovely quiet spot, elegant and picturesque, but not much in the way of nightlife.


Like you on your last visit, Madtriker, I was with my bird, so I wasn't bothered, but if I'd been solo I'd have been sweating, and probably cutting my visit short. Yes, a few small beer bars, but slim pickings. A drought compared to the overflow you get in BKK or Pattaya.


I'm sure you'll find something. Have fun. Let us know how you get on! You never know: might be a pussy goldmine!


Tom Tit  :blink:

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I have not been to HH for a couple of years but last time the bar fines were around 200-500 Baht in the beer bars. ST rates were 500-1000 and LT 1000-2000.

As usual all is negotiable. Low season rates are at the lower end and high season at the higher end.

FL at Hilton disco may be available for similar rates and some girls from beer bars go there once the bar closes. Others at Hilton ask for more.

Quality and choice in HH is not as high as BKK or Patts.

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I had a lovely time at HH in July last year. A buddy and mine had a couple of very nice ladies to chat to in bintabaht which I would have been happy to follow thru with except for out wives back at the hotel.....on my own in April,...will be seeking them out.  May not be a 10 but a 6 that's fun does it for me many times over at 10.

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