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Phuket (what if's)


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Hello again guys.

Right I'm going to go full noob on you guys for a few posts. Now I know what your going to say, I'm starting up a thread on Phuket and were on a Bangkok forum. Well just hear me out will you, I like to hear what you guys have to say after all.


So, as it stands I have a lady friend who's going to Hong Kong the same time I'm in Thailand this year. Long story short she Invites me over there. I let her know that if I can get it for £100 I'll do it, as it stands the only thing i can do for £100 is get over to Phuket. Not going to complain.


Anyway, enough of me going on. as you guys know I've already been to Phuket before but it was a beer filled few nights. (trip report here http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/5077-one-trip-re-edit/)

the questions i have for you guys is as follows.


is there much in the means of daytime action?

What would you do differently from just going to the go go's?

would you guys have any suggestions of tourist things to do?

Thanks guys, maybe i'll get some sleep now

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You could always hit up the numerous soapies & massage places I'd guess. I'm assuming you're in Patong. I'm also assuming you're on a budget somewhat.


Kristin Massage or most of the smaller ones are usually satisfaction guaranteed. (Google soapy Phuket or chat up the nearest masseuse smiling at you hehe)


There are also quite a number of daytime bars. I'd hit up the smaller ones if you wanna barfine. Bigger ones tend to charge more or might not allow the girl to leave so early in the day.


I prefer picking the FL's up at the club later in the night. Usually these comprise of bar girls after shift looking to make a lil extra or general FL. FL's usually don't have a day job so you can keep em around with you the morning after eh?


But yeah, like tiago1971 says, I usually use the day to chill by the beach/pool or to take a walk/tour during the day. Detox and rest up for the night.



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As for tourist stuff, there are tons of "travel agents" every few meters. They're generally selling the same product and are 3rd party resellers of travel packages.


Generally you can island hop the area around or tour Phuket island yourself. For the latter, I'd recommend you just get Waze on your phone, google a few spots and explore at your leisure (rent car/bike and maybe bring your girl as a guide). There are tons of other interesting places just minutes away like Kata, Kamala and the likes. If you have a girl with you it helps with bargaining and general translating, especially if you're of farang decent.


Island hopping there's tons to choose from. Very affordable and includes hotel pick up and meals. I'd suggest you start with the Phi Phi tour (just a name, you'll see more than just 1 island).


Note: a tour i.e. Phi Phi island, island hopping day tour will still have several companies running the same tour. So this will vary by boat, food and tour guide quality; Also impacts prices. Try to get an agent that has personally been for the tour and preferably has actual pics. Also note, less ppl on the boat means more expensive BUT you'd travel with less hassle and see more stuff or can chill at your own pace. Else you might feel like herded cattle.



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