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Koh Samui


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Hi, looking for some advice from someone who has been to Koh Samui.

I will be in Koh Samui in December with Family. Any suggestions on the best area to stay and hotel suggestions? Remember I will be with Family, so playing is not to factor into the equation.

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Koh Samui is a small-ish island and where you stay will depend on budget, if you want to stay at the resort or be going out alot, how many kids you have (and how young) and availability.  I found that occasionally I could get a great deal for a nice resort.  Where ever I have stayed, I have always spent a reasonable amount of time in the other parts.  I have stayed at Bandara Resort and found it great.  Anywhere along that stretch of beach was nice - heaps of restaurants to choose from. I would suggest you look on Tripadvisor forums for alot of great general advice and look at their hotel rankings to make sure you get what you are expecting.

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I always recommend Chaweng beach if you're a first time visitor. It's the main strip of the whole island. Shopping, food, massages, etc are easily available. Samui girl/bar scene isn't so "in your face" as say Patong in Phuket but FYI it's mostly located on the northern end of The Strip near Mango Club.


I like to stay at Chaba Samui Resort. Affordable, beach front & great kitchen. Walking distance to pretty much everything on Chaweng.


Chaweng also has a mini shuttle service so you can move around for around 20baht/head. Great to avoid the bike/tuktuks who are ever ready to rip you off.


If you want a more private vacay, use Agoda or booking.com and get a private villa or one of the bigger resorts. It's all relative to your budget really. Some REALLY nice places can be booked for >USD100.


Rent a car if you're staying far away from touristy stuff. Usually costs the same as 2-3 trips by cab, and this way you control what you can see and your expense. Get Waze or google maps on your phone.


P.s. hit up Raggae Bar, clean scene and great music. Surrounded by girlie bars tho. It is Thailand after all. =)


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