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Bringing narcotic medicine into Thailand


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I haven't seen this topic added as a sticky yet but I think it will be helpful to people wishing to bring in narcotic based medicine into Thailand as a part of their personal pain management treatment. 


Good News! The process has been streamlined.

The permit for travelers carrying narcotics into/out of Thailand website launched December 5th 2015. So this site is brand new. 


The process is fairly straight forward.


For Carrying In, (which i followed) involves the following steps:

  • Entering all your personal details and passport information
  • Flight information and dates of stay/departure.
  • Medical information - license number of doctor, doctors addressm description of your treatment, then adding the various medicines that you wish to bring into the country.(This part is really easy, enter the generic name then select the active ingredient and amount prescribed for daily use e.g. Panadeine Forte, Codeine 30mg, three times daily
  • Attachments need to include a letter from your doctor that details all of your medicines and the prescribed amounts that you are taking, e.g. 5mg twice daily. A copy of your passport main page. And any other supporting documentation that you wish to attach. 

Basically what this website did for me was completing the IC-1 form, which is used for travelers who wish to bring in typical prescribed painkillers that contain codeine and oxycodone based meds.

I have received a confirmation email saying that my request is being processed and now i'm just awaiting the confirmation approval. 



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Ok last post I mentioned that I'd received a confirmation email to say that the request was being processed.

They also give you a transaction ID so you know that it's filed and is being processed.


Anyway there's been a happy result for me, they processed it in less than a week.

One small flaw is that I did not receive a confirmation email to say the processing side of things had been completed.
So I simply checked my transaction ID on the website and onced i'd logged in Bingo! there was the approval permit letter which I downloaded as a PDF doc. 

You are to print this and bring in with you.

Then at the airport once you've got your bags go to the red zone to declare your prescription medicine and present a printed copy of the approval letter.

Easy peasy. 

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Thanks for sharing this information. Didn't even think about declaring all of my meds. Guess I just got lucky going through customs in other countries before. Luckily non of them are on the list to need the IC-1 form.


Here is the website if anyone else is needing it.

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15 hours ago, solun said:

Same process for Adderall/amphetamines for ADHD?

I've previously just brought mine in on my carry on - I had no idea it could have been an issue

AFAIK all amphetamines are classed as a class 1 narcotic in Thailand which means they are completely banned with no exceptions.  Getting busted with them would probably mean arrest and jail time.  Thailand is extremely strict about stimulants if you get caught.

https://www.fda.moph.go.th/sites/Narcotics/en/Shared Documents/NARCO-list-update-05.10.2015.pdf

You can only travel with category 2 narcotics, and you need to apply for permission before you travel.  Everything else is banned.

https://www.fda.moph.go.th/sites/Narcotics/en/Shared Documents/table-PHYCHO-list-update-21.12.2015.pdf

You can travel with category 2, 3 or 4 psychotropics but you need to apply for permission in advance, provide a prescription etc.  Methylphenidate is class 2.

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Yo that's actually crazy. I have been to Thailand a few times and do lucky so one asked.

For those with ADHD and use amphetamines as medication, is there a process?

Can I go to a local doctor or something like that?

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Man, I'm paranoid just bringing in a few supplements e.g. carb blockers or antioxidants, or bringing in some nuts or whey protein that might be labeled as 'food'.  

No way in the world I'd ever bring in anything remotely narcotic in nature, even with a prescription, unless absolutely (!) necessary and then only following official guidelines.  Also to consider is what happens in transit...as you pass through security in Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore on your way to Thailand.  

The hassle and or jail time isn't worth risking, for me.  😇

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