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Learning the Language- Online/While there


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There is an app for iPhone/iPad or for Android called Nemo. 

Its free.

It starts with the speaking basics for people who have no previous experience of Thai.  It builds from there.


Nemo Thai gives you the most essential phrases and words in the Thai vocabulary, and each of them have a native speaker audio. With the Speech Studio, you can master your accent by recording yourself saying a phrase and then hear your voice compared to the teachers. All of the audio is downloaded into your device and it is even accessible in airplane mode and there is no expensive international roaming fees. As Nemo is not built around lessons, you can pick it up and put it down anytime of the day, whenever you have time to spare. This app builds up foundations of Thai which will then give you more confidence when speaking everyday conversations. Furthermore, there is no need to have prior knowledge of Thai to be able to learn this.

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