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Kolok or Sungai Kolok - Anyone else been there?


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I got my start in Thailand about 8+ years ago with a round of about 5 trips on short notice one or two nite visits while working in Malaysia. I could not believe my eyes. It was very hard to take it all in.


In fact, the monger that led me there, even made my hotel reservation for me, and let me start out alone. It was really an eye opener.... This town even has a little back alley/road that rivals the Soi 6 of Pattaya. It was 60+ tiny bars all in a neat little alley, walking distance from my hotel, and completely full of great girls. Something for everyone. Even a few lady boys if my radar was working right....


Sadly, I finished that job, and left the country. About 6 months after that, the bombing started. It started with a personal friend of my monger leader, and her bar. Killed her and one bar girl, and absolutely ruined the place for me. I have not been back. Although I did have the chance twice, I got on a plane and went to Bangkok instead.


Anyone else visit Kolok ?????


Really a shame that place is now a ghost town now. I hear even the Korean engineers from Samsung working on the refinery projects around Malaysia are not going any more...... :blink:

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