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Was about to ask.


Last time I went was about 2 yrs.


A few girls 1 or 2 in some of the bars down along from the bridge. (if someone needs a google-maps let me know)


Was rather quiet and tame (as expected) did take one girl I got on well with back for 800b. She made me laugh - aplogized that she couldn't suck me Peter because she had a Buddha necklace on. Nice excuse haha.


Might head up there for a motorbike ride next week. Anybody been up there lately and know anything that's going on in the small bar scene they have up there?

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There's a soapy massage next to the River Kwai Hotel




There's also a disco at the hotel where you can find freelancers




and also a small bar area downtown with girls in the evening



Anyone know current prices?


800 baht from two years ago seems quite low. Bangkok November 2014 I was paying 1500-2000 LT for FL.

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^^ Cheers.


I didn't know about the disco with freelancers. Any idea of how busy it is during the week? I'd probably be there on a Tuesday or Wednesday.



^ I've only been to the bars down town once, I went along them and she was the best, when I went back to her bar she asked if I wanted LT or ST, I asked how much, 1000b. I don't care about money but after years of living here am certainly not desperate for sex, I just said mai pen rai and got back to my beer, she paniced at this bizarre situation and just said, I think it was 700b and not 800b.


Remember that you hold all the cards, there's obviously no other customers that night, you're not desperate if you've been living here a while. Shrug your shoulders and say never mind, watch their faces and prices drop. 

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