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Please feel free to ask me about "Thai Launguage"


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Hi anyone,


I would like to offer you guys by answer questions about thai launguage.

If you are foreigners who try to study thai now and do you have questions please feel free to ask me.


I am Thai nationality, female in my mid 20. I am self -employed.

But most of people tell me my English is better than Thai. It is unbelievable!


Anyway, I taught basic thai conversation to foreigners who live in Bangkok before.

So I've had experienced about teaching Thai.


Please feel free to asks me any questions about Thai launguage and Thai cultures.

I would like to help you understand Thais in the right way.


And one thing you should remember "Nobody's perfect" even I am Thai and was born in Thailand.

It doesn't mean I know everything if something I don't really know but I will try to find out.

I believe we might have fun to learning Thai together!






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Guys, I would like to help you improve Thai and I am also improve my skills

and learn new things by answer the questions.


Please do not lose my points.

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