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Hua Hin


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Hi All,

Have had a search throught the posts, but not found a great deal of advice.


Coming over at the end of March for a wedding of a mate with a mixed party of 14!


Going to be spending

5 nights BKK (1 is the wedding),

6 Nights on Koh Jum (middle of nowhere, but a nice island - alegedly) and

5 nights in Hua Hin.


I've read that around the Hilton is good (Soi Bintabaht??) but no specifics on good bars.

I may have non-mongering company, so don't want "in your face" establishments, but they are not daft and know my proclivities..

I understand the Hilton has a disco - what time does it get going and what are the freelancer options like?

Also, staying at the Centara Grand, is it guest friendly?


Looking forward to the trip, hope you can offer some advice.


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hi arsen hua hin is mutch more layed back than bangkok,pattaya ect it is more for familys but there is fun to be had there are no go go bars like in Cowboy and nana but plenty of beer bars the bar area in hua hin is small you can walk around it in 10 mins i liked p and p bar and pink panter but one night a bar can be full and rocking the next empty really just walk around and see what bars look like fun o reillys bar is good live music most nights and better for nights with non mongering company.the hilton disco gets going late and is full of freelancers sorry never stayed at centara grand but stayed at some of the 5* hotels in hua hin and never had any problems brining back a girl there is a web site called hua hin after dark you could try there for more info hope some of this helps

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Thanks for the Reply Jason.

I did have a poke about on the AfterDark site, but they seem a bit precious about asking monger related questions - pointing you to BKK etc.


I am aware that it's a more laid back resort - I have been before but it was about 20 years ago - funnily enough with the same mate and his then girlfriend.

I was an innocent chap back then ;-)

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The Hilton Disco gets going after midnight,when all the girls have finished at the bars and come looking for a late night hook up.

Bintabaht is the main bargirl strip,but there are several bars on Poolsuk.

You'll probably find Hua Hin is a bit cheaper too.A cheaper bar fine and the girls will usually go 1,000baht long time(+tip,nah!)

Great seafood at the nightmarket.


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