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Forum Off for me last week end


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I had only error messages most of the time between Thursday and Saturday 22nd through 24th.


Was it only the USA area that was affected?


I notice many threads are unread now, (7 pages!!) when I normally only see 10 to 20 unread topics. So either a lot of topics were going while I could not get on, or they all got reset to unread from some kind of reset feature...


Seems today all is good, except a LOT of threads to look through..

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Actually, it seems we may have gone through a software update. When in "New Content" clicking on a topic that I had viewed before used to take me to the last post I had read. Now it takes me to the #1 post and I need to click the button to take me to the last post viewed. So the auto feature is no longer default.


Also, it seems ALL the posts appeared to be new content, like it lost all my record of what I had seen.


Got it all sorted now. I think the PA site went through this change a while back and same thing happened.


Progress! got to embrace it or get left in the dust!! Still my fav site.....

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I was unable to access the forum in the Bangkok hotel I was staying at over that period - at first I thought it might be firewall issue, which woudl be quite strange, but this upgrade incident seems to explain it. Does anyone still have problems accessing the forum from the Bangkok hotel you are staying at?

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