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Digital photo kiosks


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Anybody know where there are digital photo kiosks? Those self-service machines that allow you to insert memory card and print photos. Key is self-service because I do not want others seeing my photos. Did not see any during my last trip.


No plans to print all my photos but there might be a few that i want to share, if i were to make any new friends.

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I think its safer for you to avoid trying to print anything that you don't want others to see in a public venue...I would just get one of the portable 4x5 printers like the one pictured here




I have one of these and its great for doing small jobs when travelling...Anything else goes on line or via e-mail...mine fits into a small cooler bag along with extra paper and ink...great for travel...




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why dont you just copy the photos you want to get printed (and that anyone can see) onto a usb-stick or another memorycard and bring that to the photoshop? (assuming you do not have any "dirty" pictures you want printed).

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