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Any fun to be had on Koh Samui

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Hi all,

I've seached the forum up and down, put post-pandemic info is hard to come by - do any one have any experience with the scene on Koh Samui these days?

I know Koh Samui is not a mongering destination, but i've been invited to a weeding, so i'm spending 5 days on the Island, and the calendar dosen't allow for side trips to Bangkok or Patts on this trip.

My goto option, for a destination like this, would be to bring a gril from Bangkok, but as it's a "destination weeding" with activities planed on most days, i can't really bring someone. 

I guess i can try TF on the free nights and see if something is available, but i was wondering if anyone was experience with bars, massage shops ect... or had any other advise spare?



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I was there for a week recently freelancers off TF are available and probably your best bet. Go to Green Mango any night there will be plenty of girls there. The bar scene isn’t great, there’s basically 2 Gogobars in Chaweng, so not the best for that. Other than that plenty of girls in the beer bars but quality or quantity is nowhere near other parts of Thailand. 

But the island itself is fabulous, probably my favourite place to chill. 

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Agree. Great place to visit .... nice hotels, great beaches, good restaurants, ample shopping, and nightlife opportunities while less that BKK/Pattaya/Phuket are there in lesser quantity. I have met several ladies on TF that I hope to meet my next trip there.

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