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Private thai lessons in BKK (from asok to Siam preferably)


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Hi! Thanks to this amazing forum i'm now permanently relocated to Thailand and it's pretty awesome indeed 🙂

Thing is though, I can already feel not knowing Thai is going to be a problem for me - I enjoy talking to locals , going to local food haunts and travelling around the country, and let's just say that while BKK has a lot of english speakers, I've already had 109304 bazillions problems with food orders, deliveries, specifying location, or just being able to communicate with my sports trainer. 

So, I want to learn thai, but in all honesty, I'm very concerned about 'language schools'. They are super rude on the phone or Line, and they keep flogging their ED visas, i don't need an ED visa lol i want to learn Thai  ideally as fast as humanely possible. 

So i'm thinking private lessons, can you recommend anyone? Or maybe a language school that's not a ED visa mill? 

Thank you Thank you! 🙏

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