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30 day extension for Visa Exempt, TM30


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I entered by land, and received my 45 days visa exempt on March 1st.  I went to do the 30 day extension, which I did last year without problem, but because I entered over land rather than by air, they are requiring a copy of the TM30.  I am staying at an apartment AirBNB.  My host refers me to the manager, but the manager simply takes pictures of the passport, and sends it to another person who does the filing.  I'm having difficulty explaining to the manager that I need a copy of it in order to proceed through immigration, because he doesn't know anything about the forms.  I assume they are doing it all online.  I've seen a copy of the paper form, but what should the form look like if its a printout of the online submission?  Any tips on how to proceed?


If worse comes to worst, if I take a round trip flight, leaving thailand, and reentering the next day, will immigration have a problem with this?

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