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Potential golf trip


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Hi all

I have a group of mates I play golf with and we have an annual trip which this year is supposed to be in Bangkok. For a bunch of reasons this isn't happening anymore, but I had (have) my heart set on going. I don't normally play golf solo and prefer a group, but the golf courses looks amazing, and it was going to give me a chance to drop in to Pattaya for a brief visit. I can only spare 10 days so its not going to be a long trip.

I'm looking at the courses and there seems to be a lot to choose from. Was thinking of playing 3 days straight in Bangkok then hit Pattaya for a few days in Pattaya before heading back to Bangkok. 

How easy is it to play golf by yourself in Thailand? Are you able to play by yourself or is that a tough way to get on the courses?

Are there social groups in Bangkok which play golf. I'm on the Pattaya Addicts site and am looking there at a few of the groups there who play socially. Does Bangkok have something similar as it would be great to catch up with some locals for a game and a few beers?

I have seen some similar posts in the forum, but they were either several years ago or didn't have much of a response. Any advice welcome. Thanks


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