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Fewer freelancers on thaifriendly

Fewer freelancers on TF  

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I have been having a look on Thaifriendly lately prepping for my upcoming trip and i have noticed there are fewer FL and more girls looking for LTR. Has anyone else noticed this? Are the FL just hiding there activities? 

I have noticed this for the Bangkok area but the opposite in the Pattaya area.

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For Bangkok the majority of girls were always looking for bf/LTR, that didn't change at all. Stil a lot of freelancers available for Bangkok through TF, but it's more "difficult" to spot than in Pattaya

https://www.thaifriendly.com/479803Bowie2022 (FL)

look at the pics carefully, read the bio and profile and then make a guess.

Maybe these links will help you



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There’s a lot more than just one.  A lot of times if they don’t have any age ranges for the men they’re looking for or don’t have anything in their profile….they’re freelancers.  Very few actually come out and say it, but they will after you message them.  You just need to be a little circumspect in talking to them.  Don’t just say, “How much for you to do naughty stuff to my bits and pieces.”  If you’re wrong, you may have closed the door on a possible date with a non-working girl.  

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Some are really obvious, I mean they list their occupation as Freelance. The weird thing is I have read a number profiles on TF that contain text saying they are not ONS, holiday girlfriend, no webcam, etc, then they list thier occupation as freelancer and have extensive review on TFMI. I think most girls desire a LTR and just accept day to day they still need to earn money and sex is a good way of making it.

However, for me the amount of P4P on TF vs LTR only is probably the same, it just are being more subtle now. We pervs response to anything hot, while the subtler ads bring in queries from guys that may not be interested in a girl who does P4P. My main interest is in the girl next door look who can perform like a dirty BG in the bedroom.


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