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Adelphi Suites

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In November 2022 it was still guest friendly.
They don't check for ID. But you can do it for your safety

I stayed in a One Bedroom Premier for a good price and it was super.
Having a washing machine in the room spoiled me for the rest the trip.
Room was facing the back. One night had a screaming guy. And another some construction sounds. But overall no bar/club sounds. Or noises from other rooms.

Looking for my trip in November I saw prices were higher. Almost double of what i paid before.


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Adelphi Suites has been my go-to Bangkok hotel for a few trips.  Last year's prices were really low because things were just opening back up, but looks like prices for later this year shot up to be above pre-pandemic levels.  A pretty sudden change.

I really like the location and the rooms, but at current prices it might be time to check out some alternatives in the area that are still priced much lower.


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