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Not too many reviews since the hotel reopened with its new name. Anyone stay there recently? Given its proximity to Nana, I assume it's guest friendly.

There was also a larger and more modern hotel kind of across the street. As far as I can tell it now appears to be a Novotel. It has some favorable reviews and I assume it too welcomes non-registered guests


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send them an mail and they replied no issues bringing guests ( GG and LB) but they need to show id at reception.


booked my next stay there in March. Will leave a review here.





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Sorry for the late reply,

stayed here 2 weeks in March and booked next trip in June in same hotel

- no probs bringing in GG or LB. 
- for all my visitors never ID was asked, but if you feel unsafe, ask them to leave the ID at reception. Some guests where doing it like this.

Neg point: most rooms are renovated but my bathroom was not up to date.

housekeeping is good and extra towels are no issue ( i tipped the cleaning lady on regular base )

Its the same standard as citrus suites on the other side of the street, but lower prices at the moment and free cancellation at Agoda till 2 days before checking in.

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On 4/21/2023 at 4:42 AM, Przybo said:

Sorry for the late reply,

stayed here 2 weeks in March 

Thanks for the review.  How is it wifi ? I need good wifi for work and read some reviews of its slow or spotty wifi. Is this your experience too ?

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