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On 10/14/2022 at 8:09 AM, Ptquad said:

Looking to book one of the corner rooms for January, do all of these rooms face towards the Marriott side, or do any face the tall building which Is above the Kasikorn bank.

I would hate to book the above room expecting a great view of BKK only to find a massive tower block messing the view up.

I did book the corner room back In January, but it was unavailable and was upgraded to the suite.


I didnt stay in a corner room, only a standard one, but it was on the 23rd floor facing east.  It is facing the skyscraper next door but it's not close enough where privacy becomes a concern. Plus after office hours there wont be anyone as all the lights are off.  You can totally have fun with your BF against the window without worry lol 😉 .

Tbh, I'd rather not have the room face NEP especially on lower floors due to potential noise concerns.

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