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Anywhere in Bangkok to obtain cenforce-100?


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1 hour ago, Bobby123 said:

Does anyone know a pharmary (or similar) where I can obtain cenforce-100 (India made Viagra)?

Thank you in advance.

Might have a look at viagra 4 thai dot com

If you do order from them, use a pseudonym when you order and pay by bank transfer. Reason is that if anyone asks for a tracking number, they'll just send a scanned list of all the Kerry packages going out that day, which includes some people's real names (but not addresses).

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3 minutes ago, Bobby123 said:

Thank u Ravenchriist. I checked that website ...cannot find they have it, but i appreciate your assistance.


Right. Did you check the generic name Sildenafil citrate 100mg? It's all the same if the active ingredient is the same (save of course the buffering agent might affect your stomach differently, or impact on the absorption time.)

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I never tried Cenforce, i tried  Apcalis, Sidegra and Kamagra  gel. Kamagra gel fits better to me, and its cool because its far cheaper than the others. 50 kamagra gel box, bargained 700 baht (they often ask for 800 / 1000) on Sukhumvit, close to Asok BTS station

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10 hours ago, Bobby123 said:

Thank you masterpriwe.In your experience is Kamagra gel as effective as Viagra? How long does it last?


I did not try Viagra, i tried Cialis, i prefer kamagra gel. Gel is more fast than pill, gel you get a boner in 15/20 minutes or so, pill is 40/45 minutes or so.
I am in my 40s, Kamagra gel is top effective 10/12 hours or so, and then less but still effective while 2/3 days or so

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