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How often do you bkk mongers get tested?


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I also were condoms, but still get tested each time I return home to Los Angeles.

So once a year.

I keep in on my phone and it comes in handy on occasion.

I had my condom break once. Put the TG's mind at ease.

i also had a few girls who would not travel with me without a test result.

Which is good, because then I make them test, so I can bareback while off to Phuket or Koh Samui or where ever.

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On 8/29/2022 at 2:17 PM, solun said:

What are tests able to pick up? I don't think herpes can be tested for, right?

Yeah, herpes and HPV you can pretty much forget about. It doesn't matter because there is nothing you can do once you've contracted them, besides easing the symptoms. Symptoms which are easy to diagnose.

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