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Korat/KK/Udon trip


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15 hours ago, Sveen said:

Hi guys,

Thinking about going to Korat, KK and UD for a 10-day trip.

Any updates on the action there?


I haven't mongered in UTH since the original Mister Tong's shut down. Looking forward to hearing the news as well.

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korat- zero "farang style" action.  bunch of soapies/brothels in the city not hard to find with a quick google search.  as for drinking go to dok mai cafe or happyland(same soi) which are outdoor thai pubs with pretty girls and live music. helps if you can speak a little thai but still ok if not.  korat is a nice city but its a working/middle class thai city with zero tourists. 


KK- small farang style bar area for retired expats, girls are old as well. nice that the thai nightlife area is next to it so you can check out a lot of different bars all in the same area. 


udon- has an expat soi with bars. really convenient because its next to Central. bit more action on tinder and TF there as well.  last time i was there (2months ago) few too many LBs around for my liking.  girls tend to be older OR you'll see a few who are 18-20. not many in the middle. 

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