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Best hospital for wisdom teeth removal


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5 hours ago, >50iqcel said:

what's wrong with twilight sedation?

Nothing. It's more to keep you calm, on the assumption that you are simply a nervous patient. For most people it is fine.

It doesn't block pain. In my case, i need work done on my lower teeth and blocking injections literally do not work on one side of my lower jaw. The rest I'm happy to have done just under a local. 

When I had eye surgery under twilight medication I had local anaesthetic as well and it was still painful but bearable. No way am I getting major dental work with no effective blocker under twilight.

Problem with most dentists is that they think you are imagining it if they give you 3 or 4 times the usual amount of anaesthetic and you are telling them it didn't work. 

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Bumrungrad was where the dentist tortured me last time. By most reports it is very good. But aimed primarily at well funded foreigners. 

"Just my tolerance"? Nah, just weird nerves. My pain threshold is high, and 75% of my teeth respond normally to anaesthetic. 

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