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Update and Interim Guidance on Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan, China


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Federal health officials are screening travelers from China in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York for the deadly 2019-nCoV outbreak.

Are the Thais taking the same precautions?






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I'm currently in the proces of booking my May trip... Everything in me wants me to just book but I'm conflicted.

My trip is work related but my employer isn't pressuring me to go so I can postpone. The cases in Thailand don't seem to grow very much but somewhere I don't trust the Thai government in there predictions and numbers as they are heavily reliant on the tourist sector.

Are there any people in Bangkok right now or made a trip recently? How's the situation on the streets? Business as usual? 

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11 minutes ago, Rocky Rockstar said:

Was in BKK earlier this month and seemed business as normal just a few more face masks on public transport. Girls were as accommodating as ever although I’m farang which may have made a difference 

Was just watching a 112bangkok youtube clip (Febr 2020, CLIP) and everything seems business as usual around Nana.

Didn't seem like anyone was overly troubled. Hell, it was hard to see anybody with a mask. He did check in the clip if there were any masks for sale but they where all sold out. Best advice is too just take as many as you need with you if your planning on using them.

I'm from Indian descent (from the Netherlands btw) and don't know if this makes any diffenrence (never did) but I'm guessing if your Chinese looking you may get some biased looks... Even here in the Netherlands, with no known cases of the virus, some are biased against people from Chinese backgrounds...

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