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  1. Looks like a great place. Not the most expensive and at the same time a great location right next to all the Nana action. I usually book with Shama on Soi 4 but the prices have doubled after my last visite. Might visite this one for my trip in May this year.
  2. Airbnb is also a great option but like Soi11 said, I like the service of a hotel, the room being cleaned 3 times a week, clean towels and bedsheets ect. Hotels are more expensive but not that much if one thinks about the added services. I actually love Airbnb in other countries as it gives you more privacy but in Thailand/Bangkok the hotels are much more open about it. Shama Sukhumvit is a hotel where I stayed before and I like the service I get there. Besides the usual stuff they provide free bottled water (like 6 bottles or something) every cleaning and there's a balcony and they don't mind if you smoke there. Staff is friendly (the last time I visited anyways) and I know they were girl-friendly but because of covid regulation I was a little bit worried. I emailed them about joiners and they said it fine as long as they clear the standard covid check (temp check and so on). As mentioned by the other posters the "paying for double occupancy" is just to make sure they won't mind a second person staying around. Usually you don't pay that much extra (maybe only taxes?).
  3. Thanks! I will do some more research. The ESIM deal sound good for me because I can just have my normal number up for the home front without having a extra phone. 300GB data plan is a little bit too much anyway as I usually only need like 20GB max a month and the hotel has WIFI.
  4. I was looking at the AIS traveller SIM deal. It's online buy deal only but the plans look interesting. Probably a little bit on the expensive side but I like having no hassle when it comes to these kind of things. I'm travelling for a month and mainly will be in Bangkok so the 30 day plan seems perfect for me (maybe a little bit expensive but still). 30 days, 300GB, 5G for 1250 baht. It's also a ESIM so easy for me as my phone is capable. Also the benefit of having it straight away, before departure, seems great as I don't need to look for a kiosk or something similar at the airport. Has anybody got any experience with this service? https://www.ais.th/travellersim/?intcid=getpage-en-header_menu-consumer_menu-prepaid_submenu1-newsim_package_submenu2-traveller_sim_submenu3
  5. Thanks Johnnysm and Fieramor! The hotel I'm staying at probably also just got back to me and told me there's is no problem as long as there Covid doorchecks are clear (temp check).
  6. Dear Sirs, A question: Are hotels still as girlfriendly now in Covid times? I'm considering booking either Shama Sukhumvit on Soi 4 or staying at Emporium Suites but how will hotels react in these times if you bring a girl back to your room (I always book for 2 persons)? Does anybody have any experiences with this in these trying times? Or maybe some recommendations? I really don't like ST hotels so.... Probably will be going around beginning of April till May. Thanks in advance!
  7. A good option for a middle ground solution is long term rental option with (bigger) hotels. Shama Sukhumvit is in the middle of the action (entrance to soi 2 and 4, close to Nana) and a great hotel with a minimal one bedroom suite as an option. Stayed here in the past and it was great for me. Nice kitchen, washer in the room, balcony and not (totally) outdated. They, at the moment, quote 45.000 baht for a 1 month rental. I got this offer 2 weeks ago so I think this will be valid for the coming months (will probably be until tourism is back in full swing) Conditions: · The above rates are net inclusive of 10% service charged and 7% government tax. · Utilities with *Electricity and water supply Allowance as unlimited · Maid Service (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) · Linen changing 2 times / week · Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access throughout hotel. · Complimentary access to pool and fitness center. · Cable TV with international program · 1 parking space · Fully furnished and equipped kitchen with washing machine. A lot of hotels offer these kind of long term rental offers so it's an option available. It's probably a little bit more expensive then a Airbnb but with the added bonus of hotel services and the knowledge of what your getting for the price and location. So maybe for the right deal and price it's a option worth exploring. Airbnb is really hit of miss and, I guess, only a option if you staying for +30 days. Plus, for me personally, I will always questions beforehand if the property management/security will be girlfriendly.
  8. Some light at the end of the tunnel.... at least we all hope. I'm still hoping for a end of the year trip but will follow the news and forum daily for updates.
  9. Grab was my personal preference because of the easy of use and relative safe/hassle-free transport. I did find the trips to and from the airport/hotel a bit on the heavy side price-wise but after a long trip I really don't wanna haggle on prices and just want to get to my hotel asap. Only thing I didn't like was the random driver that cancelled a drive just 5 minutes before arriving or just accepting and immediately cancelling. I would love to use the subway more for the daily stuff (for the more standard shopping) as I love it in my own country but I'm always a little more hesitant in foreign countries because of the language barrier. Next time around I will definitely give it a try as it seems pretty straight forward and the time-saving can be significant during rush hours (which seem to be basically always in Bangkok) A late night live saver.... For food-delivery Foodpanda was great too
  10. The prices are better then most of the hotels I normally look at (Shama for example). But it looks a little bit older style of hotel... I haven't been there myself but I kind of a sucker for new and shiny I guess.
  11. Was just watching a 112bangkok youtube clip (Febr 2020, CLIP) and everything seems business as usual around Nana. Didn't seem like anyone was overly troubled. Hell, it was hard to see anybody with a mask. He did check in the clip if there were any masks for sale but they where all sold out. Best advice is too just take as many as you need with you if your planning on using them. I'm from Indian descent (from the Netherlands btw) and don't know if this makes any diffenrence (never did) but I'm guessing if your Chinese looking you may get some biased looks... Even here in the Netherlands, with no known cases of the virus, some are biased against people from Chinese backgrounds...
  12. I'm currently in the proces of booking my May trip... Everything in me wants me to just book but I'm conflicted. My trip is work related but my employer isn't pressuring me to go so I can postpone. The cases in Thailand don't seem to grow very much but somewhere I don't trust the Thai government in there predictions and numbers as they are heavily reliant on the tourist sector. Are there any people in Bangkok right now or made a trip recently? How's the situation on the streets? Business as usual?
  13. Lohas looks great. Was looking at the One bedroom balcony suite there. The hidden path to Soi 4 is really nice to know. I liked this about the Shama hotel. Easy acces to both Soi 4 and 2 directly from the hotel. I'm guessing they are girl-friendly so this looks like a great option! Thanks for the recommendation. How are people reacting too the Corona virus btw? Are there any significant changes or behaviors?
  14. Thanks for the tip! I have seen this hotel when I was searching online and it looks great. I'm really considering just quitting smoking because that would make everything so much easier (and healthier, a nice consequence).
  15. Also looks very nice. Location is quite good too. It's on the list! Is there a no smoker policy too? Or was that remark still based on Phachara? Vaping is not for me. Just is missing something I don't know. I would be to scared just to ignore the door guy if that was me and would have just payed the guy. Especially if I'm solo hunting... Let me know how Lohas turns out. Read some mixed reviews on TripAdvisor so I'm really curious.
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